The Snake…

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“There’s A Snake In My Boot!”

~Sheriff Woody, Toy Story


As the Chinese Year of the Snake 2013 slithers into hiding for another 12 years, I find myself elated. Not because this dastardly creature is cowering its fearsome head; trust me, after the brutal year the snake has given many of us, I don’t blame anyone for celebrating its demise. Rather, I am exalted at the fact that I may shed my skin and try something different on for size. Cue the Wood Horse! But the sultry snake is still in command of the celestial realm, and I must give it its fair due. In this Snake Year, I learned so much about myself. I learned to wait, and learned to strike. I became accustomed to mystery and understood the importance of paitence. Although I did not become one with the unpredictable twisting & turning of the Snake years moods, I surrender my grand plans, only to go with this divine creatures flow.

Thank you Snakes, near & far, poisonous & benevolent, for all you have taught me. And most importantly, how long I have yearned for the majesty & upright power of the Horse to guide me.

Good night, Snake Year 2013! Here’s some tunes to remember me by, while you await your striking moment 12 glorious years from now.

The Peddlers > On A Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow

Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington > Lush Life

Miss Dionne Warwick > Don’t Make Me Over

Breakfast At Tiffany’s > Moon River

STRFKR > Fortune’s Fool

King Krule > Easy Easy

M.I.A. > Only 1 U

Sleighbells > Come Back Kid


Capricorn Rising: The Trailblazers

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In honor Dian Fossey’s Birthday, here’s Capricorn Rising: The Trailblazers!

Howling Antiquity Vintage

“I am learning all the time. My tombstone will be my diploma.” —Eartha Kitt 1/17/1927


As the Sun drifts seemlessly out of Capricorn and onto new horizons, I have mere hours to regale my Happy Howlers with a dedication to la creme de la creme of my fellow horned beasties.

Born under this mysterious & unrelenting sign, I have the honor of being in the company of other wild Capricorns who air on the side of adventure while simultaneously upholding our salt of the Earth status. Stubborn & determined, every goal is attainable; ‘Can’t’ is the dirtiest of all words. Before the sun sets on Capricorn for another year, a hommage must be payed to my astrological kindred spirits who are trailblazers & literal inventors, changing the face of music, fashion, gender, culture and our collective concsiousness.

Elvis Pucker


Who better to kick off this zodiac ode than the King himself. Elvis…

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Capricorn Rising: The Beauties

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I am at heart a gentleman” — Marlene Dietrich 12/27/1901


Even the salt of earth can be fickle at times. Capricious Caps, such as myself, love parading their moods on their sleeves, literally. A notable clothes horse, the garments I wear are badges of self expression. Catching the Capricorn eye can be difficult; we focused goats need you to wow us in order for notice to be taken. Please don’t be offended, climbing mountains takes concentration. Preening is important to us as we feel it is our God given right to make an excellent impression. From dashing silver-screen gents to the models of today, these Capricorns have both brains & beauty.

Marianne Faithful

Marianne _Faithfull_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Once Mick Jagger’s main squeeze, this gorgeous songbird shrugged off the ‘mars bar’ accusation like it ain’t no thing.  So confident was she, that during that drug bust she proudly wore just a rug while the coppers framed busted the Stones. Of noble Vieneese birth and half British Army brat, she battled addiction and came out clean on the other side

Francoise Hardy

Francoise _Hardy_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

The epitome of easy, effortless French chic, Francoise is and always will be my fave of the all the Yeah Yeahs. She even had Tom Jones tongue tied. This dusky beauty & motorcycle babe wasn’t a diva or show off a la Bardot. Francoise possess a mysterious, yet soulful charm. I’m not the only one who considers her a French Fox, Mick Jagger called her, the ‘ideal woman’.

Cary Grant

Cary _Grant _Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

The silver tongued devil himself!  Hitchcook adored him and with good reason. No one can look that good whilst being shot at by an airplane in a cornfield. Archie Leech, a.k.a Cary Grant, came from England alone at 13, sloughed off his cockney tones and became an American Silverscreen Icon; textbook example of a tenacious Capricorn.

Joan Baez


A true Native beauty, the muse of Dylan, an avid activist and my Dad’s crush. Joan truly hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves; she’s an incredible artist in her own right with the heart of a Lion. Wes Anderson is a fan too and I love that he incorporates her in many of his whimsical soundtracks

Denzel Washington


Tall, dark & handsome…

Smooth as silk, who doesn’t love or least respect this monumental actor. Brave and brilliant, Denzel can make you tremble with his dark and flashing eyes. Can you believe he’s 58 years old?! He can make an entire film his stage, with his commanding presence and glorious smile; he is a true American artist . King Kong ain’t got nothing on him…

Other Notable Capricorn Beauties…

Faye Dunnaway


Whenever I look at Faye, I’m hypnotized by the bewitching prescence of this  feline-featured actress. Clyde said it best,

“You’re a knock out.”

Marlene Dietrich


Diane Keaton


Annie Hall can do no wrong

Clark Gable


Another tall drink of water. Beneath that finely, tailored gentleman lies a badassssss

Eartha Kitt


 A glorious Woman of Colour, she was feline perfection as cat woman. A total sexpot, but its that voice that gets me everytime

Jude Law


Let’s be real…Jude’s pretty…like Peter O’Toole pretty

Love or hate him, he’s an exquisite actor who’s got the chops

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph _Fiennes_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

He is the man that simply smoulders on screen. With an intense gaze and gentleman’s growl he was able to convince everyone to pronouce Ralph, as Rafe

Kate Moss


No matter the scandal and intrigue that surrounds her, whenever I see Kate’s face, I literally *sigh*. They don’t call her The Sphinx for nothing; sculptures have been made in her honour! To Johnny, Pete & thousands of men, she’s a total heartbreaker. A bodacious babe whose still killing it in the fashion world at 40, I hardly doubt that she ‘don’t know what to do with herself…

Georgia May Jagger


Helena Christensen

Helena _Christensen_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

I don’t know why, but there are a lot of Capricorn models? Perhaps its the brutal work ethic we enforce upon ourselves, or our picky perfectionism that allows to be such harsh task masters; our own worst enemy. I can see these girls being very real about their imagined flaws, but they always  get that money baby…

The Death of Peter O’Toole

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“I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.” 

Peter_O'Toole _Lawrence_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Peter O’Toole died 5 days ago…and I’m gutted…

He of “golden voice that lifts, gilds and animates ordinary words, and the light in his eyes as if he’d swallowed the pale blue moon” left this mortal coil at the age of 81.

With those burning blue eyes, no one smouldered on the silver screen like Peter. Even for his time he was considered an edgy antihero who could charm the pants off of Lucifer himself. That voice, that laugh, that quicksilver wit; I fear we shall never see the likes of him again…*sigh*

Peter_O'Toole _Lawrence_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Peter_O'Toole _Brunette_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Peter_O'Toole _Glasses_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

When I recall that ‘gilded voice’, I also can hear the echo of his growl, and see the ferocious beast that lurked behind those pale peepers. He was a bad boy after all. A lifelong battle with the drink, best friend to the Burton’s and that devious smile was always a welcomed contrast to his Aryan angelic features.

Peter_O'Toole _Becket_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Upon deciding who should take the role as King Henry II and Thomas Becket, both Peter & Richard Burton holed themselves in a hotel room, went on a bender and then appeared from the shadows knowing who would be who. Peter played King Henry again in the bitingly savage, The Lion in Winter, alongside the radiant, yet aged Katherine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine; their vicious banter is the stuff of Virginia Wolf’s wet dreams. Y Peter was denied the Golden statuette, but as the saying goes...”Even King’s don’t get second chances”.

Peter O’Toole possessed a duality and depth of character which made him so desirable and irresistable. He was a silver tongued devil that lashed out insults like a cracking whip, seduce you with the recitation of a Shakespearean sonnet, or tickle your ears awaiting to hear a loud appreciative laugh. The man could be a gentleman, comedian & bastard all at once. And I loved him for it…

It was his breakout role in Lawrence of Arabia that cemented my fandom; David Lean’s epic set upon the desert suns-capes captured my heart.

Peter_O'Toole _LawrencePoster_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

We’ve all heard the quote, but it begs repeating, “if you had been any prettier, the film would have been called Florence of Arabia”.

Peter_O'Toole _LawrenceBedoin_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

It was this film that started a fire within me that propelled me to pursue film school; the vibrant and saturated hues of Arabia breathed life into celluloid and I wanted to do the same. My imagination was alight with adventure.

Peter_O'Toole _LawrenceArmy_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

The scene below is one my favourites; it was unscripted, unrehearsed and absolutely perfect. In that gorgeous white fabric with only a blade to admire oneself, I would have done the exact same thing…

Peter O’Toole was a gem, whose genius was not always recognized in his time, but will be admired by generations to come. He will always be at the pinnacle of acting and remain my #1 in regards to authenticity. He remained as sharp as a bloody tack until his death and always possessed an air of mischief & dignity. Dear Peter, I shall miss you terribly, but will comfort myself in knowing you are free from suffering and will remain immortal.

Rest in Peace: 1932 t0 2013

Peter_O'Toole _Blue_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Blammo! It’s Shazamo; Razor’s Edge Edition

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Ok, I’m going to be real…like for real, for real.

It’s seriously my own, personal Vietnam up in this piece and the only thing that gets me through is the music. When I hear Lou Johnson sing, I am simply and assuredly transported to a place far, far away.  There is Always Something There to Remind Me…

Ene Negn Bay Manesh, I am Ethiopian, watching the moon set over the inky water, swaying to the groove of the ocean. The twilight sparkles over this dancehall while its rhythms wash over me like a blessing.

And it is upon this gilded floor that synchronized movements soon remind me of my mortal woes. In floor length satin gowns, synchronized in movements, no one sings the blues better than Fiona…Hunger Hurts, but Starving Works…ain’t that the truth


The sea…my one true love. The waves beat themselves upon sandy Pacific isles, as does my want, my longing for an escape. And who better than Shindo San to entrance my imagination; liberating me beyond the horizon until my eyes can no longer see

But its Grizzly Bear, methodically, hypnotically, chanting for me to return home, when logic dictates no less….

Once this oscillating s**t storm relents in ferocity, I shall return, with…


Goodnight, my darling Howlers. Summer is coming…


Nicky & Chief

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It’s Nicky’s Birthday! To celebrate here’s a reblogging of “Nicky & Chief”. Happy Birthday, Mum!!! I love you so xoxo

Howling Antiquity Vintage

These are my parents.

Well, not yet, they will be. This is before all of that. This is when they were young, and far from home. The self-proclaimed bohemians.

There is no way I could do this blog without some mention of them. They’ve been the foundation of my life, a staple of my own universe for so long, that it’s easy to forget that there was a time before me.

They partied, they travelled, and lived in a groovy apartment with mirrors for walls. Strangers to Toronto, they embraced it, all the while staying true to those fabrics of comfort and vibrant colours of the East. You would think a blinding white landscape of snow would be the ideal canvas for saturated hues of every colour parka, toque, & scarf. Afraid not. The winter city can be a rather dreary place. But did that stop them? No, not at…

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Blammo! It’s Shazamo! Ides of March Edition

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Beware the Ides of March, Bitches…

If only Caesre had heeded that warning. But as the old saying goes, Et tu, Brutae.

Brutus you bastard.

Hey now, March can’t be that bad. I know many of us are feeling those blaaaaaaaahs of March. But isn’t it delicious when the sun does shine? Mother Nature’s getting us hooked, one sunny day at a time, keeping the rhythm inconsistent to make us hungry for it.

Spring is Around the Corner, My Friends!

And with those golden afternoons how can you not have a song singing in your heart? The word joy comes to mind…!

Simon & Garfunkel You Can Tell the World

Guys, I’m day dreaming. Like, a lot. And this is the soundtrack to my Haight Ashbury inspired imagination.
“I left my love in San Francisco”
“That’s ok, I was born anyway”

Foxygen – San Francisco

My lovely Lu showed me this vid, when a Canadian Legend went to the big **** in the sky
I Love those vintage Skidaddlers {what a juxtaposisiton between the new, sleek streetcars of tomorrow}.
Who better than ole Tom to be your driver.*Gush*

Stompin Tom Connors – TTC Skidaddler

Ty Segall. You never cease to amaze. Your February show in Toronto was killer. I have been listening to Melted non stop thanks to Jasmine picking up your LP.

Spring gets us all twitterpated. So go on, get yerself a girlfriend.

Ty Segall – Girlfriend

Creeping out from the winters cold edges, came a riff, humming along in the back of my mind. Foraying into drum lessons, this song, like puzzle pieces, became louder & louder until…
And then I heard it.
March came in like a lamb…
…its going out like a Lion!


– Outshined

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