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La Vida Loca

Ribbon _Around _A _Bomb_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Frida is still in town & if you snowblink, she’ll vanish. After what was a nourishing, awakening sort of day, my love for Ms. Kahlo has swelled to epic proportions and I’m gushing. As for the accident that could paint, Diego’s work will shake your foundation and having you applauding. The man is a master, and relinquish all your feelings regarding what a bastard he was to Frida at the door, because his work, actualized before you is breathtaking. The Bull Fighter will captivate you… But straight up, this is a Frida lovefest.

Thank you for painting the flowers so they won’t die.


I just adore this image. Frida, at Casa Azul, smoking, wearing fabulous flowers & finery, accompanied by a hawk. Not just a hawk, but her hawk. Masi {my incredible aunt} & I, both realized that hawks are our power animals; we never knew we felt the same way about these majestic birds of prey. Masi is also the person who introduced me to Frida Kahlo’s work; she also said that a life well lived was a passionate one. She had huge, framed, posters of Diego’s masterpieces; golden brown hands clutching & gathering calla lilies. One summer Masi took me & Jasmine to the McMichael to see a precious selection of Frida’s sketches. I was captivated. I sent this image as a gift to Masi for her birthday.

Adios Mariquita Linda

Frida the Cover Girl

“La Real Frida Kahlo”

Imagine these home movies projected upon a large wall. Moved beyond words, I marvelled as the image of these two giants of Mexican painting looking longingly at one another. Diego was her great accident; but just like with the bus, the injuries and the pain, she fought back. Complex as she was, Frida was an indomitable spirit. She painted when everyone thought she was Diego’s new chica. She painted when everyone thought she was awful. She painted when people thought she was a genius. And most importantly, she painted while in a full body cast, in a wheel chair and in hospitals. The imagery and colours flowed from her with an unstoppable prowess. It is no wonder why so many people the world over adore her. People like her, those who are on fire, we can’t help but watch them, mesmerized.

She was life on fire, who wore Mexico proudly in her hair, around her neck and in her heart. Her embroidered pesant blouses were to die for. Her jagged jade necklaces and woven, braided hairdos were enchanting. While others scoffed at Mexico, she scoffed back, ” I’d rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those ‘artistic’ bitches of Paris.
I’ve never seen anyone like her before and I don’t think I ever will.

“I hope the exit is joyful – and I hope never to return – Frida.”


Go Go Go to the AGO!

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