The Snake…

January 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

“There’s A Snake In My Boot!”

~Sheriff Woody, Toy Story


As the Chinese Year of the Snake 2013 slithers into hiding for another 12 years, I find myself elated. Not because this dastardly creature is cowering its fearsome head; trust me, after the brutal year the snake has given many of us, I don’t blame anyone for celebrating its demise. Rather, I am exalted at the fact that I may shed my skin and try something different on for size. Cue the Wood Horse! But the sultry snake is still in command of the celestial realm, and I must give it its fair due. In this Snake Year, I learned so much about myself. I learned to wait, and learned to strike. I became accustomed to mystery and understood the importance of paitence. Although I did not become one with the unpredictable twisting & turning of the Snake years moods, I surrender my grand plans, only to go with this divine creatures flow.

Thank you Snakes, near & far, poisonous & benevolent, for all you have taught me. And most importantly, how long I have yearned for the majesty & upright power of the Horse to guide me.

Good night, Snake Year 2013! Here’s some tunes to remember me by, while you await your striking moment 12 glorious years from now.

The Peddlers > On A Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow

Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington > Lush Life

Miss Dionne Warwick > Don’t Make Me Over

Breakfast At Tiffany’s > Moon River

STRFKR > Fortune’s Fool

King Krule > Easy Easy

M.I.A. > Only 1 U

Sleighbells > Come Back Kid


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