Blammo! It’s Shazamo; Razor’s Edge Edition

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Ok, I’m going to be real…like for real, for real.

It’s seriously my own, personal Vietnam up in this piece and the only thing that gets me through is the music. When I hear Lou Johnson sing, I am simply and assuredly transported to a place far, far away.  There is Always Something There to Remind Me…

Ene Negn Bay Manesh, I am Ethiopian, watching the moon set over the inky water, swaying to the groove of the ocean. The twilight sparkles over this dancehall while its rhythms wash over me like a blessing.

And it is upon this gilded floor that synchronized movements soon remind me of my mortal woes. In floor length satin gowns, synchronized in movements, no one sings the blues better than Fiona…Hunger Hurts, but Starving Works…ain’t that the truth


The sea…my one true love. The waves beat themselves upon sandy Pacific isles, as does my want, my longing for an escape. And who better than Shindo San to entrance my imagination; liberating me beyond the horizon until my eyes can no longer see

But its Grizzly Bear, methodically, hypnotically, chanting for me to return home, when logic dictates no less….

Once this oscillating s**t storm relents in ferocity, I shall return, with…


Goodnight, my darling Howlers. Summer is coming…



Blammo! It’s Shazamo! Ides of March Edition

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Beware the Ides of March, Bitches…

If only Caesre had heeded that warning. But as the old saying goes, Et tu, Brutae.

Brutus you bastard.

Hey now, March can’t be that bad. I know many of us are feeling those blaaaaaaaahs of March. But isn’t it delicious when the sun does shine? Mother Nature’s getting us hooked, one sunny day at a time, keeping the rhythm inconsistent to make us hungry for it.

Spring is Around the Corner, My Friends!

And with those golden afternoons how can you not have a song singing in your heart? The word joy comes to mind…!

Simon & Garfunkel You Can Tell the World

Guys, I’m day dreaming. Like, a lot. And this is the soundtrack to my Haight Ashbury inspired imagination.
“I left my love in San Francisco”
“That’s ok, I was born anyway”

Foxygen – San Francisco

My lovely Lu showed me this vid, when a Canadian Legend went to the big **** in the sky
I Love those vintage Skidaddlers {what a juxtaposisiton between the new, sleek streetcars of tomorrow}.
Who better than ole Tom to be your driver.*Gush*

Stompin Tom Connors – TTC Skidaddler

Ty Segall. You never cease to amaze. Your February show in Toronto was killer. I have been listening to Melted non stop thanks to Jasmine picking up your LP.

Spring gets us all twitterpated. So go on, get yerself a girlfriend.

Ty Segall – Girlfriend

Creeping out from the winters cold edges, came a riff, humming along in the back of my mind. Foraying into drum lessons, this song, like puzzle pieces, became louder & louder until…
And then I heard it.
March came in like a lamb…
…its going out like a Lion!


– Outshined

Blammo! It’s Shazzamo! From Paris to Pittsburgh with Love

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Loving the sounds of les Folies Bergères to homespun Rock & Roll


For Woody’s latest award winning opus, he resurrects an axis mundi & shows us the centre of the universe, circa. 1920’s Paris. Nothing ignites the era & its senses than the unrivalled sassiness of Josephine Baker. La Conga Blicoti with its infectious tempo conjures images of slinky ebony ladies, shimmering in beaded flapper gowns, to the drums-beat. Their exotic flair was captured with the same dexterity that had ensnared the embracing Parisiennes.

Across the pond, the Yanks were behind the times. But, as soon as Rock n’Roll hit the scene, they were slaves to the rhythm. Look no further than a Marty Scorsese flick; the man loves his soul, motown & Stones. I finally watched The Departed & even racist Irish, Boston Gangsters will still have LaVern Baker playing on their jukeboxes. Tweedle Dee is just dripping with nostalgia; velvety & thick.

The good guys went down with the bad, but a  brutal justice was served. Well Well Well…And who better than NYC John to lay down a gritty track to this Cops vs. Robbers backdrop. Not set in the 70’s as per usual with Marty, but check this; the video here shows a snap of John & Yoko be-specked in signature glasses, floppy hat and hand down the chiffon blouse is pure 70’s bravado. John’s proving how yummy Yoko is…

“She looks so good, I could eat her”

Film, fiction, fashion, art; all are methods striving to represent life as opposed to imitating it. I managed to dig up some intriguing bios on Pollock, Picasso & Guggenheim. Peggy had an exceptional eye & bold instincts when it came to amassing her breathtaking collection. Tinkling through her life’s ebbs & flows, Autumn Leaves by Erroll Garner, drifted overhead reorienting the senses to marvel at these masterpieces with renewed awe. 

Hardly a wallflower, Peggy posed in silky gowns & turbans during the Roaring 20’s.

Peggy Geggenheim by Man Ray, 1924

Blammo! It’s Shazamo!: Cantare, Cantar, Sing

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I’d rather be. This metamorphosis

On the latest edition of Blammo! It’s Shazamo! we’ll be hitting up Brazil, America & Italy!

Setting sights on the Southern Jewel in the Samba Crown is the psychedelic rock flavour of Sexias. Yeah, Raul Sexias…Como vai, gatinhaThis song embroiders itself amongst my tangled thoughts. Threading a singular theme to my sun-drenched day dreams. My dear friend Talitha, a native Brazilian, explained that the title meant to be sort of a walking metamorphosis; a direct translation, I know. But if one dwells upon the image within the minds eye, it takes shape.

The source of this next title is a bit of a guilty pleasure. You see, I’ve caught wind of a new BBC series, The Indian Doctor. Its set in Wales, early 60’s, where the NHS, starving of medical professionals sends talented & willing MD’s from the colonies into the crevices of the British Isles. The wardrobe mistress already has my heart; from poodle skirts to silk saris. But the Beeb’s sprung for swanky beats like this one from Adam Faith. A teen idol who wooed his way into the diaries of English teenyboppers & into the Daily Mail business section as a Financial Journalist. Crazy what happens when we decide to grow up.

Now, to the sun dappled shores of Naples & Sicily who are oddly dreaming about the Jersey shore? This song is just such a giggle. Who would ever leave the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples nor the beaches of  Bagno Antonia for a whiskey soda & baseball is beyond me? But these clever Italian cantante’s are so tongue in cheek, you just know they’ll never give up paradise for cheap American thrills.

Tune in next time for what Shazamo will Blammo my mind next…

Blammo! It’s Shazamo!: Psychedelic Psoundwave

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A kaleidoscope of sound; welcome to psychedelia.


On this maiden voyage of Blammo! It’s Shazamo!, we’re slipping back in time on waves of good vibrations. No other era can compare to the energy of the 60’s; and these shazammed picks won’t dare to disappoint.

LOVE! This band was introduced to me by my main man and its a shame more 60’s era revivalists haven’t heard of them. The killer drumming of this track, 7 On 7 Is has me playing it again & again. If you love rock, you cannot get enough of this roll.

Watch Marc Bolan, aka T. Rex, in one of his first bands! This is some seriously trippy tunage, as these blokes from Leatherhead cry, stare and collapse as they play this lonely, little, love song.

The Smoke seem like a one dimensional cliche, granted, but I am digging this foursome’s catchy sound. I’m a sucker for 60’s pop, & all things smoke. 

Littering never felt this good!!! Alright, terrible name, I admit, but this is one helluva track! This is a classic example of that Mod Sound; rockabilly back beat with solid sizzling guitar solos. What Am I Gonna Do About It? I’ll tell you, man! I for one am feeling that jangely sound, and gonna dance it out! Aww Yeah!

I myself am unsure if Tomorrow is animal, vegetable or mineral, but they are children of the revolution. Free Flower Children Spreading Love…*sigh…I was born in the wrong era.

I hope you enjoyed this trip in my pocket time machine as much as I loved finding these gems! Tune in next time for Blammo! It’s Shazamo! for our next adventure in sound…

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