Capricorn Rising: The Trailblazers

January 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

“I am learning all the time. My tombstone will be my diploma.” —Eartha Kitt 1/17/1927


As the Sun drifts seemlessly out of Capricorn and onto new horizons, I have mere hours to regale my Happy Howlers with a dedication to la creme de la creme of my fellow horned beasties.

Born under this mysterious & unrelenting sign, I have the honor of being in the company of other wild Capricorns who air on the side of adventure while simultaneously upholding our salt of the Earth status. Stubborn & determined, every goal is attainable; ‘Can’t’ is the dirtiest of all words. Before the sun sets on Capricorn for another year, a hommage must be payed to my astrological kindred spirits who are trailblazers & literal inventors, changing the face of music, fashion, gender, culture and our collective concsiousness.

Elvis Pucker


Who better to kick off this zodiac ode than the King himself. Elvis Presley; many have imitated him, but none shall ever come to close to capturing his magnetism. He awoke the world to a new sound, rattling the establishment with a flexible pelvis and curled upper lip. Hide your daughters; Elvis is absolutely swoon worthy! Those eyes, that glossy black hair, what a fox! I particularly loved his jumpsuit phase; only he could pull off rhinestones & capes with the chicks screaming for more! But nothing beats that black leather suit he wore during his 1968 Comeback Special Concert. He’s smoking & I’m melting…

That’s why they called him the ‘King’, baby…

Steeped in controversy, I ask you not to remember him as a tv shooting, pill popping, Nixon loving, toilet dying celebrity, but rather as the swaggering, Tura Sultana loving, ultimate entertainer, fried peanut butter n’banana sandwich eating, good to his Mama, King of Rock & Roll

Patti Smith At The Chelsea

A queen in my eyes, our next ferocious Cap is none other than Patti Smith. The Godmother of Punk, Patti pushed the boundaries of sexuality, music, poetry and photography. When the biz told women they had to show tits & ass to be respected as an artist, Patti Smith said, fuck that noise! {I’m paraphrasing, but come on, you could totally imagine her saying that}. A total babe, Patti’s tumultuous affair with the enigmatic Robert Mapplethorpe, allowed them to explore sexuality & poverty on the explicit surface of 35mm black & white film. Patti’s raw and dynamic stage presence in ties and mens clothing played with the masculine/feminine aspects of the self with complete sincerity. How many ‘punk’ tweeny boppers have copied Patti’s style without any flavours of grittiness, true androgyny or unbridled passion. The Answer; None! I can count on my hand the women who’ve shaped punk music & Patti’s influence are still seen today. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below and call me in the morning. If this rendition of GLORIA revs your motor, the AGO is doing a retrospective of her work, so keep your peepers peeled.


Today marks the birth of an infamous Capricorn lady who continues to mesmerize us post humously. Janis Joplin was an icon. She represented the incredibly free and wild style of the 60s; her clothes are to die for…An unfortunate member of the 27 Club, this brash Texan was taken from us too soon. Her voice was ground shaking; no one song soul like Janis did. She was the epitome of hippy chic, replete with rose coloured glasses, thick Kashmiri embroidered blouses, feather boas and strands upon strands of necklaces & frizzy hair. Dick Cavett adored her and the nation mourned her when it all ended in that motel room.

Sadly, our mysterious nature can lead us to some very shadowy places. Climbing great heights,  looking behind us, we can sometimes become hypnotized by the dark chasm; its very easy to slip backwards into the darkness. Today would have been her 69th Birthday. Where ever you are sweet girl, I truly hope you found the unconditional love you so deserved & which was denied you in this lifetime.

Other Notable Trailblazing Capricorns…

Martin Luther King Jr.


Dian Fossey


Andy Kaufman


Muhammad Ali



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