Capricorn Rising: The Beauties

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I am at heart a gentleman” — Marlene Dietrich 12/27/1901


Even the salt of earth can be fickle at times. Capricious Caps, such as myself, love parading their moods on their sleeves, literally. A notable clothes horse, the garments I wear are badges of self expression. Catching the Capricorn eye can be difficult; we focused goats need you to wow us in order for notice to be taken. Please don’t be offended, climbing mountains takes concentration. Preening is important to us as we feel it is our God given right to make an excellent impression. From dashing silver-screen gents to the models of today, these Capricorns have both brains & beauty.

Marianne Faithful

Marianne _Faithfull_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

Once Mick Jagger’s main squeeze, this gorgeous songbird shrugged off the ‘mars bar’ accusation like it ain’t no thing.  So confident was she, that during that drug bust she proudly wore just a rug while the coppers framed busted the Stones. Of noble Vieneese birth and half British Army brat, she battled addiction and came out clean on the other side

Francoise Hardy

Francoise _Hardy_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

The epitome of easy, effortless French chic, Francoise is and always will be my fave of the all the Yeah Yeahs. She even had Tom Jones tongue tied. This dusky beauty & motorcycle babe wasn’t a diva or show off a la Bardot. Francoise possess a mysterious, yet soulful charm. I’m not the only one who considers her a French Fox, Mick Jagger called her, the ‘ideal woman’.

Cary Grant

Cary _Grant _Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

The silver tongued devil himself!  Hitchcook adored him and with good reason. No one can look that good whilst being shot at by an airplane in a cornfield. Archie Leech, a.k.a Cary Grant, came from England alone at 13, sloughed off his cockney tones and became an American Silverscreen Icon; textbook example of a tenacious Capricorn.

Joan Baez


A true Native beauty, the muse of Dylan, an avid activist and my Dad’s crush. Joan truly hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves; she’s an incredible artist in her own right with the heart of a Lion. Wes Anderson is a fan too and I love that he incorporates her in many of his whimsical soundtracks

Denzel Washington


Tall, dark & handsome…

Smooth as silk, who doesn’t love or least respect this monumental actor. Brave and brilliant, Denzel can make you tremble with his dark and flashing eyes. Can you believe he’s 58 years old?! He can make an entire film his stage, with his commanding presence and glorious smile; he is a true American artist . King Kong ain’t got nothing on him…

Other Notable Capricorn Beauties…

Faye Dunnaway


Whenever I look at Faye, I’m hypnotized by the bewitching prescence of this  feline-featured actress. Clyde said it best,

“You’re a knock out.”

Marlene Dietrich


Diane Keaton


Annie Hall can do no wrong

Clark Gable


Another tall drink of water. Beneath that finely, tailored gentleman lies a badassssss

Eartha Kitt


 A glorious Woman of Colour, she was feline perfection as cat woman. A total sexpot, but its that voice that gets me everytime

Jude Law


Let’s be real…Jude’s pretty…like Peter O’Toole pretty

Love or hate him, he’s an exquisite actor who’s got the chops

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph _Fiennes_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

He is the man that simply smoulders on screen. With an intense gaze and gentleman’s growl he was able to convince everyone to pronouce Ralph, as Rafe

Kate Moss


No matter the scandal and intrigue that surrounds her, whenever I see Kate’s face, I literally *sigh*. They don’t call her The Sphinx for nothing; sculptures have been made in her honour! To Johnny, Pete & thousands of men, she’s a total heartbreaker. A bodacious babe whose still killing it in the fashion world at 40, I hardly doubt that she ‘don’t know what to do with herself…

Georgia May Jagger


Helena Christensen

Helena _Christensen_Howling_Antiquity_Vintage_Toronto

I don’t know why, but there are a lot of Capricorn models? Perhaps its the brutal work ethic we enforce upon ourselves, or our picky perfectionism that allows to be such harsh task masters; our own worst enemy. I can see these girls being very real about their imagined flaws, but they always  get that money baby…


Blammo! It’s Shazamo; Razor’s Edge Edition

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Ok, I’m going to be real…like for real, for real.

It’s seriously my own, personal Vietnam up in this piece and the only thing that gets me through is the music. When I hear Lou Johnson sing, I am simply and assuredly transported to a place far, far away.  There is Always Something There to Remind Me…

Ene Negn Bay Manesh, I am Ethiopian, watching the moon set over the inky water, swaying to the groove of the ocean. The twilight sparkles over this dancehall while its rhythms wash over me like a blessing.

And it is upon this gilded floor that synchronized movements soon remind me of my mortal woes. In floor length satin gowns, synchronized in movements, no one sings the blues better than Fiona…Hunger Hurts, but Starving Works…ain’t that the truth


The sea…my one true love. The waves beat themselves upon sandy Pacific isles, as does my want, my longing for an escape. And who better than Shindo San to entrance my imagination; liberating me beyond the horizon until my eyes can no longer see

But its Grizzly Bear, methodically, hypnotically, chanting for me to return home, when logic dictates no less….

Once this oscillating s**t storm relents in ferocity, I shall return, with…


Goodnight, my darling Howlers. Summer is coming…


Blammo! It’s Shazamo! Ides of March Edition

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Beware the Ides of March, Bitches…

If only Caesre had heeded that warning. But as the old saying goes, Et tu, Brutae.

Brutus you bastard.

Hey now, March can’t be that bad. I know many of us are feeling those blaaaaaaaahs of March. But isn’t it delicious when the sun does shine? Mother Nature’s getting us hooked, one sunny day at a time, keeping the rhythm inconsistent to make us hungry for it.

Spring is Around the Corner, My Friends!

And with those golden afternoons how can you not have a song singing in your heart? The word joy comes to mind…!

Simon & Garfunkel You Can Tell the World

Guys, I’m day dreaming. Like, a lot. And this is the soundtrack to my Haight Ashbury inspired imagination.
“I left my love in San Francisco”
“That’s ok, I was born anyway”

Foxygen – San Francisco

My lovely Lu showed me this vid, when a Canadian Legend went to the big **** in the sky
I Love those vintage Skidaddlers {what a juxtaposisiton between the new, sleek streetcars of tomorrow}.
Who better than ole Tom to be your driver.*Gush*

Stompin Tom Connors – TTC Skidaddler

Ty Segall. You never cease to amaze. Your February show in Toronto was killer. I have been listening to Melted non stop thanks to Jasmine picking up your LP.

Spring gets us all twitterpated. So go on, get yerself a girlfriend.

Ty Segall – Girlfriend

Creeping out from the winters cold edges, came a riff, humming along in the back of my mind. Foraying into drum lessons, this song, like puzzle pieces, became louder & louder until…
And then I heard it.
March came in like a lamb…
…its going out like a Lion!


– Outshined

Capricorn Rising: The Trailblazers

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“I am learning all the time. My tombstone will be my diploma.” —Eartha Kitt 1/17/1927


As the Sun drifts seemlessly out of Capricorn and onto new horizons, I have mere hours to regale my Happy Howlers with a dedication to la creme de la creme of my fellow horned beasties.

Born under this mysterious & unrelenting sign, I have the honor of being in the company of other wild Capricorns who air on the side of adventure while simultaneously upholding our salt of the Earth status. Stubborn & determined, every goal is attainable; ‘Can’t’ is the dirtiest of all words. Before the sun sets on Capricorn for another year, a hommage must be payed to my astrological kindred spirits who are trailblazers & literal inventors, changing the face of music, fashion, gender, culture and our collective concsiousness.

Elvis Pucker


Who better to kick off this zodiac ode than the King himself. Elvis Presley; many have imitated him, but none shall ever come to close to capturing his magnetism. He awoke the world to a new sound, rattling the establishment with a flexible pelvis and curled upper lip. Hide your daughters; Elvis is absolutely swoon worthy! Those eyes, that glossy black hair, what a fox! I particularly loved his jumpsuit phase; only he could pull off rhinestones & capes with the chicks screaming for more! But nothing beats that black leather suit he wore during his 1968 Comeback Special Concert. He’s smoking & I’m melting…

That’s why they called him the ‘King’, baby…

Steeped in controversy, I ask you not to remember him as a tv shooting, pill popping, Nixon loving, toilet dying celebrity, but rather as the swaggering, Tura Sultana loving, ultimate entertainer, fried peanut butter n’banana sandwich eating, good to his Mama, King of Rock & Roll

Patti Smith At The Chelsea

A queen in my eyes, our next ferocious Cap is none other than Patti Smith. The Godmother of Punk, Patti pushed the boundaries of sexuality, music, poetry and photography. When the biz told women they had to show tits & ass to be respected as an artist, Patti Smith said, fuck that noise! {I’m paraphrasing, but come on, you could totally imagine her saying that}. A total babe, Patti’s tumultuous affair with the enigmatic Robert Mapplethorpe, allowed them to explore sexuality & poverty on the explicit surface of 35mm black & white film. Patti’s raw and dynamic stage presence in ties and mens clothing played with the masculine/feminine aspects of the self with complete sincerity. How many ‘punk’ tweeny boppers have copied Patti’s style without any flavours of grittiness, true androgyny or unbridled passion. The Answer; None! I can count on my hand the women who’ve shaped punk music & Patti’s influence are still seen today. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below and call me in the morning. If this rendition of GLORIA revs your motor, the AGO is doing a retrospective of her work, so keep your peepers peeled.


Today marks the birth of an infamous Capricorn lady who continues to mesmerize us post humously. Janis Joplin was an icon. She represented the incredibly free and wild style of the 60s; her clothes are to die for…An unfortunate member of the 27 Club, this brash Texan was taken from us too soon. Her voice was ground shaking; no one song soul like Janis did. She was the epitome of hippy chic, replete with rose coloured glasses, thick Kashmiri embroidered blouses, feather boas and strands upon strands of necklaces & frizzy hair. Dick Cavett adored her and the nation mourned her when it all ended in that motel room.

Sadly, our mysterious nature can lead us to some very shadowy places. Climbing great heights,  looking behind us, we can sometimes become hypnotized by the dark chasm; its very easy to slip backwards into the darkness. Today would have been her 69th Birthday. Where ever you are sweet girl, I truly hope you found the unconditional love you so deserved & which was denied you in this lifetime.

Other Notable Trailblazing Capricorns…

Martin Luther King Jr.


Dian Fossey


Andy Kaufman


Muhammad Ali


Apocalypse Now: Welcome to the New Age…

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We Didn’t Go *BOOM*! Let’s Celebrate! 


Huzzah! Call-ooh Call-ay! Thanks to our modern ignorance & adoration for the dramatic, December 21st, 2012 was NOT the End of Days many thought it would be. The sun rose magnificently in the east & the moon is now beaming down upon us.  Those sneaky Mayans! They were referring to a New Age of Enlightenment that is about to dawn on us. I just hope we can get our collective s**t together & finally embrace unity, peace & love.

But for this delicious moment…

Get down with your bad self!





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Trouble is Coming…


Y’all ready for this?

By decree of King Freddie {who is Queen, technically } I am hereby elected to swoop upon Great Britain to bring merriment & mischief from the colonies!

May it be known that I shall be venturing to London for a very auspicious event; the marriage of my darling cousin. But fear not my Happy Howlers, I intend to search for the thriftiest of thrifty treasures. Be sure to look out for my self-imposed, Charity Shop Challenge.

I shall be Fearless.


Because, This is My Life


But I shan’t forget to enjoy a Sunday Afternoon…

No matter how many times I’ve been to London, I still get get lost in straight-laced mod day dreams & technicolour visons of punk mohawks. Its been 7 years & I’m so curious as to where this infamous cities pulse is beating the loudest? I promise to savor every moment & share my delectable adventure. Until my return, I bid all my Happy Howlers, a fond adieu

“The City so Nice, They Named it Twice”

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“New York, you’re perfect. Don’t please don’t change a thing”


I know, trust me I know. I’m aware of what I sound like; carrying on like a gushing girl about a city I only just met. This is the last one, promise. But I couldn’t just leave things on the note of reviewing shops; this was an adventure! Come on, this is New York City we’re talking about after-all. 

Having beaten its never-ending pavement, savored it’s paletas & spending time with old friends, NYC has elegantly wormed its way into my heart. There is always something so special about places by the sea.




Other than then sheer joy of napping in Sheep Meadow, absorbing all its greenery with soothed eyes, was seeing my dear friends Sara & Dave again. I must extend my warmest gratitude to them for their generous hospitality & their refreshing company. There is nothing like being reunited with old friends in a new place to give one perspective. I love you both dearly, & I wish you all the best; take a big ole’bite outta’ that apple!


Riding on a well oiled subway system {yes, TTC I’m looking directly at you & your 2 measly lines}, I appreciated it’s design & the mind-boggling amount of people that keep it running so smoothly. Could it really have been built by just digging ditches? The true jewel in Manhattan’s iron crown is Central Park. Being only moments away from Strawberry Fields, and from where John was taken from us, the Imagine mosaic was covered with tourists, like ants to fallen ice cream. Über cheesy, it sadly took away from its impact. But upon finding the plaque devoted to peace, I did get choked up. Instead of bolstering his image as a martyr, I chose to remember John during happier times. Forgive the obvious Beatles video, but it truly rang sweetly in my mind during my time there.


~ The High Line & Greenwich~


Walking along the wonder of the High Line, I was inspired by Joshua David & Robert Hammond’s sustainable vision. It truly is a wonder, strewn with flowers, fountains and reclining chairs. This portion of the  trip was a feast not only for the eyes, but the stomach. First, I happily got my greedy hands on a paleta or Mexican popsicle. This particular paleta was made of passion fruit & I sprinkled that heavenly chilli & lime powder liberally. So refreshing!


In Greenwich the yums continued; we took Sara & Dave to a lovely vegan resto, Gobo; excellent Asian inspired cuisine. After dinner we ventured into 5 points, paying hommage to Stonewall & getting pizza for a $1. Random. And where else other than Greenwich can one find designer gowns swinging gently in the evening breeze, shining in the lamp light.


~Brooklyn & Williamsburg~

Saving the best for last, I could hardly forget to mention the spectacular borough of Brooklyn.

In the words of Alexa Chung, who said it best,

“I would say that Williamsburg is sort of my lover. Whereas {Toronto} is more like my husband. And I love my husband & I’ll always be with him, but Williamsburg is so exciting”.

Brooklyn hums with a vibration that should not be mistaken with electricity; it is far more vibrant & potent.

Bagel Robots on Bedford

I was only there for a blink of an eye, but this neck of the woods, slip on like a pair of worn in boots. Speaking of which, Chad literally stumbled upon these YSL beauties, sold to him by these beauties; on the street, literally from a bag & with smiles


This place attracts a wildness; those who are unabashed & happy to be alive. We met so many lovely people & were treated with grand hospitality by citizen & bartender alike. Special shout out to Dylan, Scott & Karen. Finding a classic way into our hearts, the food was divine. Anna Maria’s Pizza & Pasta is the pizza place. The Brooklyn accent is the real deal in this joint where you get to yell out your order & hear it echoed.

Anna Maria Pizza & Pasta

I haven’t had chicken in years, but my God, Foodswings could have fooled me. This place claims it does American classics, vegan style; they are not joking. We ate the most incredible ‘chicken’ drumsticks made from what must have been seitan. It came off the bamboo bone just like the real deal. I highly recommend the vegan Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks with the vegan ranch dip; it’s literally smothered in a delectable hot sauce. I ate so fast, sorry no pictures! But my favorite, the holy grail, was my mission to eat a fish taco. After running on empty, Rosarito’s Fish Shack was worth the slog. We arrived just in time for Happy Hour {brilliant concept, which Toronto should whole heartedly adopt!} & had the most succulent fish & shrimp tacos, replete with $1 Maine oysters {unreal!} & 2 for 1 margaritas! Every bite was a blessing on their patio.


But we got to experience a true treat! The exalted, the fierce & the fine, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings!!! She gave a free show in Williamsburg Park {which technically isn’t a park}  that got the whole crowd grooving. New Yorkers, like me, love to get down to some soulful beats; trust me, Ms Jones delivered! Most memorable quote of the trip belongs to Chad when he said, “This music makes me feel Black & Sexy”. Can I get a hell yeah!

This last memory is one of my dearest. After exiting some shop, Chad immediately rushed me to a vendors table, exclaiming this was something we had to do. An artist, possessing a vintage instant camera offered her unique services & developed the print on the spot. I was intrigued, but I hate getting my photo taken. Reigning myself in, we posed, she aimed & fired! Below is the process & the result, remarkable! It is now a most cherished token.






New York, New York, you are the belle of the ball & everyone in the free world wants a dance. You gladly oblige as you glide across the dance-floor with rhythm & charm. Your wit is a breath of fresh air, your gown is jaw dropping, but you can hold your liquor & swear like a sailor. In this grand city, there is truly something for everyone & if you haven’t been, it’s alright, just tell her I sent you.

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