About the Author

I adore the unique charm a vintage garment posses.
That thrill of the hunt has led me to some fantastic finds. And whats a bargain if you can’t tell anyone?
From French Ye-Ye vinyl, to scoring leather penny loafers for $2, my apartment has become an archive. My aim is to share my thrifty tips in a variety of means. I’ll review local shops and do some DIY projects. There’ll be other practical things, like how to make simple repairs to that gorgeous table left on the street or pants you just found at VV Boutique.
You too can become a vintage enthusiast in no time!
As my new creative outlet, expect to see photo shoots (some coiffed, some casual), interviews, music & muses. I’ll share with you those icons of yesterday who are inspiring me today. Living in Toronto, there is a real heart-on for vintage. Local looks & street fashion that’s easy on the wallet, and desirably individual, will be featured often.
Cos haven’t you heard? Vintage is the New Black.

§ 2 Responses to About the Author

  • Vero Lodge says:

    who could say? I love your blog! is an inspiration, we share the same tastes. reach it through a google search and when I started watching I found myself represented. was so crazy, I never had happened …

    • Thank you, Vero! I’m so pleased to hear you’ve enjoyed my blog; everything you’ve read, seen or heard comes straight from my crazy, passionate thoughts. I would love for you to subscribe and check in on all vintage adventures. xo

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