Blammo! It’s Shazamo! Ides of March Edition

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Beware the Ides of March, Bitches…

If only Caesre had heeded that warning. But as the old saying goes, Et tu, Brutae.

Brutus you bastard.

Hey now, March can’t be that bad. I know many of us are feeling those blaaaaaaaahs of March. But isn’t it delicious when the sun does shine? Mother Nature’s getting us hooked, one sunny day at a time, keeping the rhythm inconsistent to make us hungry for it.

Spring is Around the Corner, My Friends!

And with those golden afternoons how can you not have a song singing in your heart? The word joy comes to mind…!

Simon & Garfunkel You Can Tell the World

Guys, I’m day dreaming. Like, a lot. And this is the soundtrack to my Haight Ashbury inspired imagination.
“I left my love in San Francisco”
“That’s ok, I was born anyway”

Foxygen – San Francisco

My lovely Lu showed me this vid, when a Canadian Legend went to the big **** in the sky
I Love those vintage Skidaddlers {what a juxtaposisiton between the new, sleek streetcars of tomorrow}.
Who better than ole Tom to be your driver.*Gush*

Stompin Tom Connors – TTC Skidaddler

Ty Segall. You never cease to amaze. Your February show in Toronto was killer. I have been listening to Melted non stop thanks to Jasmine picking up your LP.

Spring gets us all twitterpated. So go on, get yerself a girlfriend.

Ty Segall – Girlfriend

Creeping out from the winters cold edges, came a riff, humming along in the back of my mind. Foraying into drum lessons, this song, like puzzle pieces, became louder & louder until…
And then I heard it.
March came in like a lamb…
…its going out like a Lion!


– Outshined


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