The Howling Review: 2012

January 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

You Were One Helluva Ride, 2012!

Now that 2012 is officially over & done with, I finally feel able to sit back & soak it all in. It was a year of thrills & frills, but it didn’t stop the punk rock for even a second! Adventures waited like cautious cats around corners, and school continued to open my mind by pushing my limits.

Travel was an absolute highlight! I was to finally explore & see all the splendor that is New York City. Having written & reviewed The Big Apple at  length, I’ll just say this; I long to go back.


In September, I hinted at my trip to London, which proved to be a very different, but amazing journey. Having returned to Great Britain, after 7 years for the wedding of my cousin, revealed just how much I had missed my ole stomping grounds. In between all the festivities I managed to hunt & capture some lovely pieces from places you may not have suspected. I’ll be sharing those insights shortly…


But I’ve got to be honest; returning from such a whirlwind trip had me feeling blue and revisiting it was just too heavy. It’s never easy saying Goodbye. 

Back home, I snooped, sifted & sought out local procurers of vintage treasures. But what excites me about 2013, is the continuation of these ventures by way of a new locale. 2012 wasn’t just a year of foreign travel as I moved from my Lil’Italy digs in Toronto’s westend for a groovy  new apartment in the Bohemian East. As you can imagine, this exit was more like an exodus; having to pack up 6 years was no small feat. At one point, my bedroom literally looked like it barfed all over itself. Although blanketed in snow, I really can’t wait to get out & explore the antique shops of Queen Street East, the Cabbagetown yard sales and unique flea markets & pop shops searching for austerity.


Could this be the year I find that powder blue typewriter?

Aside from eating & breathing it, I certainly shopped, watched, wore, and heard vintage. One of my many resolutions is to post more; its no fun keeping a bargain to yourself!

Shaking off the shoulda’,could’a, would’as of the past year, I find myself eager to start the next one with an invigorated thirst for adventure, self-exploration and of course inspiration. Having seen and tasted the fruits of 2012, its certainly whet my appetite. I won’t forget what I’ve learned and strive to keep the spirits of all that bewitched my senses alive through my drawings, photos and postings. My resolution list is as long as my arm, but 2013 beckons, and I’m hot on its heels with a laughter in my heart, and fire in my eyes!





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