September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Trouble is Coming…


Y’all ready for this?

By decree of King Freddie {who is Queen, technically } I am hereby elected to swoop upon Great Britain to bring merriment & mischief from the colonies!

May it be known that I shall be venturing to London for a very auspicious event; the marriage of my darling cousin. But fear not my Happy Howlers, I intend to search for the thriftiest of thrifty treasures. Be sure to look out for my self-imposed, Charity Shop Challenge.

I shall be Fearless.


Because, This is My Life


But I shan’t forget to enjoy a Sunday Afternoon…

No matter how many times I’ve been to London, I still get get lost in straight-laced mod day dreams & technicolour visons of punk mohawks. Its been 7 years & I’m so curious as to where this infamous cities pulse is beating the loudest? I promise to savor every moment & share my delectable adventure. Until my return, I bid all my Happy Howlers, a fond adieu


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