The Howling Review: Academy Annex in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Stax of Wax & Awesome Trax


Scene: Academy Annex, Williamsburg at Sundown

After having a gorgeous meal, round the corner at Rosarito Fish Shack, I was drawn to the white hot fluorescents of this particular record shop. Determined to find the perfect gift for my kid sister, I would soon realize I walked into the right place. Without even thinking I found myself flicking away at a random stack. Not even a third of the way thru I found the latest Crystal Stilts LP. Amazing! Jasmine’s a total fan & how fab was it to find a new copy in their hometown? There was a time that this album was on constant rotation for me and having the long play was a total investment; not to mention the price being incredibly right.

Crystal Stilts

If I could dig up this gem, I knew I’d find more. Orienting myself, I started searching. Low & behold, I found the Singles Collection of another favorite. This act put on an incredible show in TO at a NXNE awhile back when I got to see them for free; it was a superb surprise as they were listed as Special Guest. But alas, every time poor Jasmine has had the chance to see Ty Segall, some unforeseeable event has thwarted her attempt. Bringing this prize back would make her day. He’s a phenom of garage rock intensity.

Ty Segall

The previous two were brand spanking new, tightly sealed under quick film to keep in their freshness. But this last find was an oldie but a goodie through & through. For $5, I found a mint condition {Read: scratch free} soundtrack LP of a beloved foreign film. Orfeu Negro or Black Orpheus, won the 1959 Canne Film Festival. This remake of the Ancient Greek legend of Orpheus & Eurydice set in contemporary Brazil was a fury of colour, sound & pathos. Upon the backdrop of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Carnival & the Favelas, the performers echo the hypnotic rhythms of Rio de Janeiro. I dare you to watch this scene below & not smile broadly or get choked up.

Black Orpheus

Academy Annex is a definite go too if you’re trawling for records in this neck of the woods. Prices for freshly pressed are totally affordable compared to that of Toronto, just sayin’. And its older records in the bargain piles are a treasure trove. Come on, I found the Black Orpheus soundtrack for God’s sake! This place has taste & sell it at the right price.

But I must mention, that throughout my time in NYC, I did not see a single cat trapsing around the neighborhoods, living their infamous double lives. Seriously, none of them walking around, sitting in windows are just soaking up the sun. I found this very odd, as cats are EVERYWHERE  in TO. The only cat I saw was in this shop. We were never formally introduced, but without further ado, the only Meow in Brooklyn…


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