The Howling Review: Vice Versa, Williamsburg Brooklyn

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Vintage Garb for Man, Woman, and Beast

Vice Versa

Scene: 241 Bedford Avenue, take the ramp to the shop

Vice Versa is exactly that; instead of catering to just women, this place is a vintage haven for dudes. Rows & racks of boots, shoes, blazers, jackets & shirts line the walls of this Williamsburg native. It’s finds were as satiating as water from an oasis; finally, some cheap treats! I don’t want to mislead as they did have women’s garments as well, but there men’s selection was easier on the eyes & the wallet. Not a fan of polyester gowns with obnoxious prints, I helped Chad to scoop up a killer, leather vest; the perfect accompaniment to his recent bandana phase. We found a simple, black leather vest, with a soft back and brass buttons for a cool $10. He also snapped a sharp, mod spring jacket in an olive tone replete with ventilation to cool down my Cheddar from melting whilst on his bike. I did manage to find a cropped vest (I suspect it might have been made for a child), that had exquisite embroidery. Silken yellow & white thread looping gingerly around mirrors. The craftsman is simply divine and definitely Northern Indian or Pakistani for $15.

Vice Versa is a must see go too for the Happy Howler on a budget.



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