New York, New York!

August 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Goodbye Big Smoke, Hello Big Apple!


I’m off to New York! I’ve never been before ever & I can’t begin to articulate my excitement. Not knowing what to expect, embark on this adventure with open eyes and a greedy heart. I shall see, eat, explore, thrift & conquer! My sincerest apologies for my recent lack of postings; exams were a kick to the teeth. I promise a virtual landslide of photos & insights on the City that Never Sleeps.

I had the pleasure of visiting the AGO earlier this week to see the breathtaking Picasso exhibit. The Spaniard’s works were curated beautifully and I highly recommend a visit before it ends on August 26th. Fittingly, the photographs of Bernice Abbott were on display as well and depicted New York in the earlier half of the 20th Century. I marvelled at each angle, arch & shadow. As I swoop in this afternoon, these images burn readily in my minds eye.

Ciao for now, my Happy Howlers!






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