50 Years of the Rolling Stones

June 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

“What a drag it is getting old”…

It’s June 2012; my beloved Rolling Stones are turning 50 this month.

Who knew that a chance reencounter at Dartford train station sparked by a mutual love of Chuck Berry & Muddy Waters would begin an unfathomable rock & roll adventure? Credit shoul d always been given its due and without Brian Jones’ posting an ad who knew if these bluesman would have gelled. Now don’t forget, these boys had taste and they did everything they could to ensnare the imprasario jazz drummer Charlie Watts. Charlie refused to lug his kit on the tube and didn’t join the band until they got paying gigs. The lads worked hard, living and breathing American soul music until, WHAM, POW!!! The 60’s exploded and so did their sound. What I wouldn’t give to have a way back machine and watch them play at the Crawdaddy Club…*sigh…

Fast forward, 5o years later, or what to them must seem like a blink of an eye and the lads are now geezers.

{With the exception of Brian Jones, God rest his troubled soul}

As harsh as this before and after may seem, it’s in fact an homage to a life well lived; so few of us have been lucky enough to have our existence so artfully documented. Upon selecting these images I used my own Father as a benchmark. His incredible life began amongst the rubble of WWII, just like the Stones. Men born of this time are a rare breed; they possess a steely gaze & a love of life. They are to be admired and never pitied.
50 years is a long time on the road and these old dogs still got some hunt in’em. No matter how mainstream, or tiresome they may have become, I’m on old Stones fan and I will always embrace them as the bad asses that they were. For your enjoyment, my Happy Howlers, here are some sexy snaps of the alright outta’sight, gonna make you scream all night, let’s hear it for The Rolling Stones…


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