Love is a Vintage Purse

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Especially when that purse is a gift


Who doesn’t love a good surprise? I got one that went straight to the heart; let me set the scene. It’s last Saturday night, my mates are over for a wee pre-drink before we shake our s**t at a Ride the Tiger show down the street.
And that’s when the tricky minx pulled a fast one on me. Amber, showed me a strappy, vintage purse and casually asked me if I dug it. Of course I did; it was a leather pouch with a velvety soft interior & secret pockets.

When she told me it was mine, I lost it! Not only was the purse exactly my taste, this darling girl saw it knew that I would love it.

This post is dedicated to Amber Caribou & her gorgeous heart.


p.s. Hey Happy Howler’s! This Toronto, vintage enthusiast is now on twitter, so follow me @KavitaHowls! See y’all in the twitterverse. Awooooooooooooo!


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