Olivia v. Lindsay

April 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.” 

~ Elizabeth Taylor

The die has been cast and it’s snake eyes; Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, “Liz & Dick”. At first, I was somewhat outraged, but when I realized that its probably going to be a made for TV, flash in the pan, I was mollified. Maybe I’m underestimating LiLo. She’s an absolute mess entrenched in scandal after scandal and she’s all of 25. It’s no secret that Elizabeth herself was hounded by the press due to her personal fiascos. Perhaps its the bane of the child actress to live an unbalanced life in the spot light making them out of touch with the reality of common people? Both Liz & LiLo were stung with the acting bug from a tender age and that could explain their panache for drama. If anyone knows what it’s like to battle the booze, Lohan may have the chops. But in terms of integrity, grace and elegance, I have to admit, I find Lindsay to be lacking on all fronts. Yes, she is a pretty girl with a simliar bone structure to Liz, but is that enough? I nicked this snap off the web of Lindsay styled to look like a young Liz, I’m assuming in the vein of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.


 It’s really not doing anything for me. 

But if an actual motion picture were to be penned for the immortal beauty, who then would be a preferential candidate to deserve this coveted role? My money is on Olivia Wilde. Olivia possess that burning gaze which penetrates through each character she plays. I loved her on House as Dr. Remy ’13’Hadley. With perceived ease, she encapsulated a very complex character who was a lesbian doctor, battling Huntington’s disease, yet never losing her moral core of steel. Wilde has proven to me that she can take on the dynamic yet complicated role of Lady Liz. 

Wilde has been blessed with a feline elegance, smouldering eyes and striking cheekbones; the resemblance is uncanny. If you don’t believe me, this faux movie poster by Pascal Witaszek (Movielicious) should having you cheering for  Team Wilde.



(The comparison is fair as this photo shoot is based on COAHTR also)

But one question remains, who will play Dick? I’m sure some Hollywood meathead will get the role, who will never achieve that eloquence and bravado Sir Richard echoed. If only Bill Murray were 20 years younger! Watch that scene in Scrooged where the hobos think he’s Burton; that impersonation was aces! Again, see below and judge for yourself…



Here’s a link from my open letter to Dame Elizabeth Taylor upon hearing of her untimely demise. She will never be surpassed, only imitated.



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