Blammo! It’s Shazzamo! From Paris to Pittsburgh with Love

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Loving the sounds of les Folies Bergères to homespun Rock & Roll


For Woody’s latest award winning opus, he resurrects an axis mundi & shows us the centre of the universe, circa. 1920’s Paris. Nothing ignites the era & its senses than the unrivalled sassiness of Josephine Baker. La Conga Blicoti with its infectious tempo conjures images of slinky ebony ladies, shimmering in beaded flapper gowns, to the drums-beat. Their exotic flair was captured with the same dexterity that had ensnared the embracing Parisiennes.

Across the pond, the Yanks were behind the times. But, as soon as Rock n’Roll hit the scene, they were slaves to the rhythm. Look no further than a Marty Scorsese flick; the man loves his soul, motown & Stones. I finally watched The Departed & even racist Irish, Boston Gangsters will still have LaVern Baker playing on their jukeboxes. Tweedle Dee is just dripping with nostalgia; velvety & thick.

The good guys went down with the bad, but a  brutal justice was served. Well Well Well…And who better than NYC John to lay down a gritty track to this Cops vs. Robbers backdrop. Not set in the 70’s as per usual with Marty, but check this; the video here shows a snap of John & Yoko be-specked in signature glasses, floppy hat and hand down the chiffon blouse is pure 70’s bravado. John’s proving how yummy Yoko is…

“She looks so good, I could eat her”

Film, fiction, fashion, art; all are methods striving to represent life as opposed to imitating it. I managed to dig up some intriguing bios on Pollock, Picasso & Guggenheim. Peggy had an exceptional eye & bold instincts when it came to amassing her breathtaking collection. Tinkling through her life’s ebbs & flows, Autumn Leaves by Erroll Garner, drifted overhead reorienting the senses to marvel at these masterpieces with renewed awe. 

Hardly a wallflower, Peggy posed in silky gowns & turbans during the Roaring 20’s.

Peggy Geggenheim by Man Ray, 1924


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