Mad Men, A Little Kiss

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

The 60’s are Swinging onto Madison Ave

The return of Mad Men took me by surprise. Hiding for 17 months, I’d moved on, found my vintage fashion fix elsewhere. But when I heard it was coming back, it sparked my imagination discovering it was set in the late 60s. Finally I was gonna see Carnaby Street Mod’s or Sunshine Drenched Flower Children. YES! But I was getting ahead of myself.

What I got was just a taste. A perfect mouthful of what lay ahead in terms of how these ultra hip subcultures seduce these ad men. None other was the gorgeous, rhinestone collared, chiffon winged, LBD worn by Mrs. Draper (nee Calvet). What a total renard. Megan is an absolute French fox. She was right, that party did make people what to go home and have sex!

How hot was this?


C’est incroyable et tres cool…


*sigh…I want that dress.

It was the highlight, but there were some other gems I found either genius in terms of the times and the characters wearing them. How good is Roger? To me Roger can do no wrong (except the Black Face & the drinking the haterade for the Japanese thing; not cool, man). Roger not only has the best one liners, but his suits are cut to perfection. That man can wear the hell out of a grey 3 piece suit. This epsiode gave him some arm candy in the hilarious yet experimental chic the 60s are infamous for. That hair and block printed dress tickles me on a multitude of levels.

Roger & Jane (nee Seagle) Sterling Mad Men Howling Antiquity Vintage

Its no surpirse the best outfits of the show were at the party. But not all of them, well, are cool. I present to you, the squares…

The Squares: The Campbell's & Tea Smokers Mad Men Howling Antiquity Vintage

Wanh, wanh! That checkered jacket is ghastly! Game show host worthy attire from the prematurely balding Pete Campbell. I can’t stand this snake & show him no mercy. In the background, a sea of beiges and blah. I just hope Trudy doesn’t sport this tiring doo like Peggy does with her flip out. God love her, but change it up, darling!

I really, really tried to find a shot of Joanie in the pink dress. I thought the print was atrocious, but she hit it out of the park thanks to the tailoring; it hit every curve and hugged that hour glass figure. Honorable mention goes to Megan’s tangerine dress and that tres chic hair style. My total girl crush this season until the penny drops.

Bisous, bisous xo

p.s. I’ve shared the link for the original version of Zou Bisou Bisou. Sweet dreams!

Next time on Mad Men…

Tea Leaves Promo


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