Betty v. Veronica

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

The line has been drawn.

Which is it? You must have an opinion by now; these girls have been at for years. I think you can tell who I’m feeling.

Veronica Lodge hands down & all the way.

That fine fox is exactly what she says she is. She’s fiercely honest & I respect that. Ok, she’s such a Bad Girl. She’s so awful, but you just can’t help recognize how hot that is; she doesn’t give a f**k.  A jet black femme fatale with an enviable & inexhaustible wardrobe; An American Blue Blood.

But she is a terrorShe’s cunning and a manipulator to boot. A spoiled brat through & through, thanks to Daddy {Mr} Lodge funding the tantrums.  Down right cruel to Betty, Ronnie will put down her blue collar bestie & nick Archie any chance she gets. Tsk, tsk, tsk.I’m not blind.

But Betty? Come on. She’s sweet as apple pie and is constantly getting dissed. It’s a tragedy; nice people shouldn’t have to finish last. But Betty needs to step it up. If Veronica’s being a massive biotch, don’t hang with her. Hang out with Midge, or Chuck’s girlfriend, Nancy. Big Ethel’s a gentle giant, hit her up at Pop Tate’s.

Archie is a punk. As much as Veronica lures him away, he goes. Maybe he’s just not that into you? Basically, Betty needs some self respect, pronto! And until this is cultivated, she’ll always be this tragic figure to be pitied and bullied.

On a brighter, candy coated comic book page, there is always a sunny side of the street in Riverdale. Betty & Veronica seem to always work through their differences. Immortal teenagers who can drop out to the Beatles together. But there is one among them I favor the most….


Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I thought as much…


Hubba Bubba! I knew it!

Until next time Happy Howler’s…

“Duh, stay outta Riverdale!”


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