Blammo! It’s Shazamo!: Cantare, Cantar, Sing

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d rather be. This metamorphosis

On the latest edition of Blammo! It’s Shazamo! we’ll be hitting up Brazil, America & Italy!

Setting sights on the Southern Jewel in the Samba Crown is the psychedelic rock flavour of Sexias. Yeah, Raul Sexias…Como vai, gatinhaThis song embroiders itself amongst my tangled thoughts. Threading a singular theme to my sun-drenched day dreams. My dear friend Talitha, a native Brazilian, explained that the title meant to be sort of a walking metamorphosis; a direct translation, I know. But if one dwells upon the image within the minds eye, it takes shape.

The source of this next title is a bit of a guilty pleasure. You see, I’ve caught wind of a new BBC series, The Indian Doctor. Its set in Wales, early 60’s, where the NHS, starving of medical professionals sends talented & willing MD’s from the colonies into the crevices of the British Isles. The wardrobe mistress already has my heart; from poodle skirts to silk saris. But the Beeb’s sprung for swanky beats like this one from Adam Faith. A teen idol who wooed his way into the diaries of English teenyboppers & into the Daily Mail business section as a Financial Journalist. Crazy what happens when we decide to grow up.

Now, to the sun dappled shores of Naples & Sicily who are oddly dreaming about the Jersey shore? This song is just such a giggle. Who would ever leave the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples nor the beaches of  Bagno Antonia for a whiskey soda & baseball is beyond me? But these clever Italian cantante’s are so tongue in cheek, you just know they’ll never give up paradise for cheap American thrills.

Tune in next time for what Shazamo will Blammo my mind next…


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