Blammo! It’s Shazamo!: Psychedelic Psoundwave

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

A kaleidoscope of sound; welcome to psychedelia.


On this maiden voyage of Blammo! It’s Shazamo!, we’re slipping back in time on waves of good vibrations. No other era can compare to the energy of the 60’s; and these shazammed picks won’t dare to disappoint.

LOVE! This band was introduced to me by my main man and its a shame more 60’s era revivalists haven’t heard of them. The killer drumming of this track, 7 On 7 Is has me playing it again & again. If you love rock, you cannot get enough of this roll.

Watch Marc Bolan, aka T. Rex, in one of his first bands! This is some seriously trippy tunage, as these blokes from Leatherhead cry, stare and collapse as they play this lonely, little, love song.

The Smoke seem like a one dimensional cliche, granted, but I am digging this foursome’s catchy sound. I’m a sucker for 60’s pop, & all things smoke. 

Littering never felt this good!!! Alright, terrible name, I admit, but this is one helluva track! This is a classic example of that Mod Sound; rockabilly back beat with solid sizzling guitar solos. What Am I Gonna Do About It? I’ll tell you, man! I for one am feeling that jangely sound, and gonna dance it out! Aww Yeah!

I myself am unsure if Tomorrow is animal, vegetable or mineral, but they are children of the revolution. Free Flower Children Spreading Love…*sigh…I was born in the wrong era.

I hope you enjoyed this trip in my pocket time machine as much as I loved finding these gems! Tune in next time for Blammo! It’s Shazamo! for our next adventure in sound…


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