Mick Jagger: 68 Years & Still Rolling…

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Action into Satisfaction, thy name is Mick Jagger…

Well, Sir Mick, you’ve bloody done it. You’ve made it to 68, well done, old chap!

The Rolling Stones are one of my all time favorite bands. Although it is shallow to judge a whole by the sum of its parts, you cannot deny the charm, candor and excitement that this frontman possess. From his ‘Cock O’the Walk’ struting to that Lazurus— esque longevity, the man is a legend and should be feted as such.

Yeah, he’s def earned the rep of Mick the Prick, but at the end of the day, most people who hate are just jealous. He’s a ba—zillionaire, married beautiful Bianca & gorgeous Jerry, his daughters are super hot models,  I’m convinced he f**ked both Tina Turner & David Bowie (but I can’t prove it was at the same time) and his Dad died at 93 so don’t be expecting good Sir Mick to be going anywhere. If anyone’s had a charmed life, its him. He revolutionized a generation, not to mention the music industry; he’ll shag you twice before you know what’s hit ya, but don’t think you can sample his tunes without him sniffing it out (ahem, Richard Ashcroft…)

His fashion sense of the 60s & 70s are so iconic and have played out their influence on my aesthetic in the 21st Century. I adored his early 60s leggy, drain pipes and tailored suit jackets; no doubt an hommage to his dapper rythym and blues heros. But when the 70s roared, suddenly it was svelte star—spangled jump suits, fem blouses & lipstick or tough leather and eye liner. All the while, Jagger worked it with his shaggy mane; just like a lover should. Here for you now, without further ado, a look at Mick at his most sexy, dynamic and influential. The man with the plan, the one with the swagger, that Rolling Stone, the one and only Mick Jagger!!!


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