Andiamo! A Girl’s Guide to City Biking

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

How Not to Reveal Your Lady Bits Whilst Biking…

Summer is finally here in Toronto! Since the inception of our very rainy spring I’ve been riding my trusty ole Raleigh. I love this time of year and nothing beats being on a bike with the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair! My only dilemma is, what to wear? When I ride my bike it serves a purpose; it gets me to work, school, the gym and onto adventure. But as a lady, wardrobe becomes quite the consideration before spreading the gams. The other day I threw on a slightly above the knee skirt, not realizing how windy it was that day. Needless to say, I become hyper aware of my skirt blowing up for all of Bloor to see. My predicament is, how do I enjoy my tomboyish ways while not compromising on my summer style? Being all day-dreamy, the inspiration floated in like a refreshing breeze. Who better to emulate than the divine Audrey Hepburn, specifically in her role in Roman Holiday.

It is a well known fact that Toronto isn’t Rome. Although residing in Little Italy, I’m convinced the gelato in the Eternal City is the sweetest there is. Having never been, I will unabashedly let my imagination go wild, like a runaway vespa. I reckon these staples will do wonders for me and my modesty this season. Audrey always knew how to keep it feminine without being too girly. High waisted shorts are a must; they provide that chic 50’s look while still being playful and practical. Pair them with a knotted blouse or silky shirt/tank and leather sandals will make the look effortless. Skirts that one can sit on and fold under the crotch are better than a mini, which will undoubtedly leave little to the imagination¬†with bystanders gapping. Ankle-length’s like the one she wears in the film are great too, but may require some clever wrapping or knotting as not to get stuck in the chain. Opt for breezy fabrics of worn cottons, linens and silks. Colours like blush, coral and orange or lush greens in avocado, lime or honeydew are totally are so refreshing after the winter blahs. Sandals in leather with straps or embroidered embellishments will do wonders just as long as they don’t impede the ride. And if you must wear heels, wedges are best and all the rage. Scarfs, bangles and gelato are the perfect accessories. Check out my polyvore layout below for inspiration.

Andiamo! Roman Holiday Inspired City Cycling

For a girl on a bike, summer is truly yours for the taking! Have fun Happy Howlers! xo


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