Sounds from the Garage

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fuzzy, Distorted, Jangly, I Love You…

The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, Black Lips, Crystal Stilts, Dirty Beaches, Wooden Shijps, wash me ashore upon a wave of reverberation.

Created by a Monster, some of my cherished and favored songs attempted to eclipse that groundbreaking Wall of Sound. Echoing with wave after wave of the purest sounds rock can muster, I soak up the notes as if they were sunshine. I’ve loved this sound, noise, genre, call it shoegazer, call it what you will, for longer than I can recall. Perhaps I was a Ronnette in a past life or just a frequenter of 60s block parties (I do really dig daishikis. Hmmmm…). All my modern albums possess these key charasteristics of fuzz, distortion, echo and jangle; I’m a bonafide junkie for it. This fact hit me square between the ears last Sunday. I was at the much anticipated Crystal Stilts show and watched as the lead singer, Brad Hargett, wandered about the crowd in a Madchester  track-suite-zip-up. Hair a shagadelic brown, crooning out tunes as if he were the love child of Brian Wilson & Ian Curtis; which surprisingly looked a lot like Ian Brown. I mentioned this to a friend, only to have a very lovely stranger agree with me totally. Now, I know its not fair to compare musicians and eras like this. But if these new cats on the scene, such as Dirty Beaches and the Black Lips are like me than this is all flattery. Perhaps its a means to harken back to the psychedelic era where the perception of sound was bent & reshaped. In order to relive it, one must revive it; you’ve got to commit to that genre in every scope. Maybe I’m over thinking this; couldn’t this seminal music just be ingrained in us so deeply that we’ve been accustom to accepting this as the norm? I’ll let you decide for yourself. Below are merely a sampling of the amplitude & raw, fuzzy fury of the garage sound that I crave.


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