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May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

“You’re the boss, applesauce”

“One person in the ’60s fascinated me more than anybody I had ever known. The fascination I experienced was probably very close to a certain kind of love”.

  • Andy Warhol

As Spring awakens from the thawing Winter, I have fallen in love all over again with tights. I’ve turned to the original *Super Star* for some seamless inspiration; Edie Minturn Sedgwick was the Queen of the Factory Scene. Her style, effortless! Her impact, meteoric! I love her ‘less was more, but more was better’ ethos. She would pile on the jewlery and eyeliner, yet prance about in chic black tights and white collared shirts. Cropping her hair and dying it blonde, Edie kept her eyebrows dark and paired her saucer-sized peepers with neck-dusting earrings.

Edie! Edie! Edie!

Films have immortalized her, while songs captured her spirit. To emulate her look this Spring will require some classic staples and a super-fun jaunt to your thrift shop or local ethnic markets. The foundation for her look are; black tights/stockings, black eyeliner and/or shadow, white-collared shirt (gentleman’s cut), high-waisted black shorts and a pair of killer black heels or boots. With this simplistic canvas, you can add your own flare. Chicky’s with short dos need only find large chandelier earrings, remembering to choose light pairs. When it comes to baubles, the sky is the limit! Personally, I would go hunting in Little India or Kensington Market for that exotic look. Got longer locks? I suggest ponytails, or back-combed up-dos to show off your bling. As long as you are rocking a relatively plain top, I give you full permission to load up on the beaded and chain-metal necklaces. If you’re wearing something with a pattern I recommend one statement piece; a large bangle or arm cuff, the earrings or bib necklace should do the trick. Here is a little sample guide to help you channel your inner Edie (FYI – I am in love with Polyvore. More sets to come)
Before you run out to that dancehall, kitten, be sure to rim those eyes with a rich, black eyeliner. If you’re savvy, false eyelashes will add to the depth of your gaze. Keep lips and cheeks hued with a fresh blush tone. Don’t forget to mix yourself a drink and turn the record player all the way up…


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