Larry Fortensky’s Tears: The Death of Elizabeth Taylor

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dearest Liz,

I can’t believe you’ve left this mortal coil for the infinite hereafter. I know we were never properly acquainted, but I can assure you that I am an ardent fan not only of your films, but also of your grace. Let’s be honest, you could be dressed in a potato sack and you’d still be radiant. It was your charm that captivated me. You’ve got a spark Liz, I can see it.

You were never truly vain now were you…?

Bless you for getting fat to keep away shallow producers when you wanted to spend more time with Richard. I bet you didn’t expect it to back fire when your greedy fans still demanded your screen presence; ravenous to devour your larger form with their hungry eyes. But it wasn’t all sonnets and languid violet stares was it? Granted, your marriage to Dick was the stuff of Hollywood legend. But give you both a bottle  and the world watched, mouth agape, as you ripped each other to pieces, bare handed. I was Afraid of Virginia Woolf…

He’s the only person who would contest your “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” status. What was it he said? Oh yes, that although your eyes were gorgeous, you had a double chin, seemed top heavy and had stumpy legs. Bastard. But you loved that bastard (don’t feel bad, we all did). You did marry him twice…

You’ve lived quite the life, old girl, and I for one will miss you. I’m sorry I waited until your death to tell you. Watching that scene again, (don’t be coy, you know which one): Cleopatra Enters Rome, I actually cried, Liz. It’s that wink. That perfect, jewel toned wink that makes Cleopatra truly yours. Any gorgeous model could have been dipped in gold, set upon an Egyptian throne and stunned us all blind. But that wink was pure magic.

Good night, pretty lady. Hopefully, we’ll finally get to meet next time round the karmic maypole. But until then, if you happen to see Richard, please let him know that I loved him in Beckett. The man was a genius.



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